Sunday, July 24, 2011

Survey of Sensors

A remote-controlled robot relies 100% upon the operators senses. For an autonomous or semi-autonomous robot, we need to impart awareness of its environment. Even for a robot that is not autonomous, telemetry of sensor data can be valuable. In this blog, I surveyed the low-hanging fruit of the abundance of inexpensive sensors. The average cost per sensor is $12. Almost anything you can imagine can be measured: proximity, distance, temperature, light, magnetism, sound, barometric pressure, vibration, etc. I am really tempted to combine a bunch of sensors and construct a tricorder (like on Star Trek) for the Ghost Adventures show. (Can a spirit actuate a capacitive touch sensor?)

Sensor survey matrix: [Link]

My other stuff (kayaking, plant ID, sea beans, etc.): [Link]

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