Monday, July 11, 2011

Comparison of RF Links for Remote Control of Robots

From left to right top row: RC transmitter, RC receiver, XBEE, XBEE Breakout Board
From left to right bottom row: XBEE USB Explorer, Wixel, Nordic, BlueTooth

Comparison (check out all 3 page tabs listed at bottom of spreadsheet) [Link]

Though I have been using an IR (infra-red) remote control for indoor prototype robots, RF is required for good distance and performance outdoors. Due to outrageous Chinese exports, the cheapest and easiest system to implement is the conventional RC (radio control) using PWM signals. Any of the other 2.4GHz link modules will require more smarts in the robot to process the commands, and either a computer or an elaborate self-made transmitter control box. The one big advantage of using these RF module links is that they are transceivers (i.e. they both transmit and receive data), so they make telemetry possible (the receiving of sensor and status signals form the robot.)

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