Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Hotter/Colder" Talking Temp Sensor

This builds on my previous 'Phrasealator' blog by having a PICAXE microcontroller control the SpeakJet voice synthesizer without a PC. I wanted to get familiar with I2C, a serial inter integrated circuit serial protocol commonly used so microprocessors can read data from any sensor 'on the I2C bus'. The sensor I used was TMP102, a Texas Instruments temperature sensor (available from SparkFun). It is a low power device, the whole circuit (excluding the amplified speakers) drew only 3mA. The basic code was less than 40 lines. In operation, the system compares the current temperature measurement to the last one, and if it has changed over a degree, it speaks either "hotter" or "colder". I used the free SpeakJet Phrasealator application to generate a phoenetic string, which I cut and pasted into my basic code. Its dictionary contained the word "hot", to which I added "AXRR" to get the 'ger' of "hotter".

hotter  \HE\OH\TT\AXRR = (20,96,21,114,22,88,23,5,6,183,136,191,151)

Video [Link]

Circuit Diagram [Link]

Basic Code [Link]

SparkFun [Link]

Parts List [Link]

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